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Write a Law Proposal idea with the context and your solution.


Citizens can vote if they support the Law Proposal idea or if they don't.


People can then comment on the idea and give construtive feedback.


Make good ideas more popular by sharing them on social media.

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Coming During 2016...


At the start, democracy was a direct democracy. All citizens gathered, discussed problems, ideas and voted new rules or laws. All were part of the decision process. Following the development of the civilisation and population growth, it was logistically impossible to keep up with the number of people.

The original democracy evolved to a new form known today: representative democracy. People from the same neighbourhood, town or region vote for one person to represent them at a higher level.

Along with this new type of democracy and centralisation of power, came a new phenomenon: Politics and its political parties. This is when democracy stopped being one. The political parties being financed by private sponsor are naturaly biased. As it has been seen over and over, instead of aiming for the good of the people, they work for the interest of a greater good, their sponsor’s.

In the future, with the help of technology, people should be able to take control back as it was the original purpose of democracy. The app Cracy will contribute to this revolution.

Who are we?

Cracy is a social platform aimed to promote direct democracy. People can share global or local Law Proposal ideas and let the rest of the world approve, discuss and promote them.
Each Law Proposal will include:

  • Category (Global, Economy, Politics, Health, Education, Environment, Sport and Funny)
  • Area (local, national or worldwide)

Everyday the most trendy Law Proposal’s of the last 24 hours will be featured to the rest of the community.

How are we financed?

Cracy is not anarchist nor anti-system. We believe in order, liberalism, entrepreuneurship and free market. Running and developing such a platform is expensive and requires funds. Because of the nature of the platform and in order to avoid having any “sponsors”, we finance the platform by advertising.

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